Brian Blackford

Brian Blackford

Attorney at Blackford Law LLC - "Keeping Families Together"

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Practice area: Immigration, Asylum, Guardianship, Criminal defense




Brian J. Blackford specializes in immigration law. He has dedicated his career to advocacy for the rights of immigrants in the courtroom and in the community.  Brian represents clients with a wide variety of immigration issues and, notably, successfully represents detained and other  immigrants with complicated charges of deportation resulting from criminal convictions. He also assists clients with their criminal defense, family law, and probate needs, often as part of a broader strategy for obtaining immigration benefits.  Brian possesses the breadth of knowledge, experience and  creativity to analyze the unique facts and issues at play in each case, and the work ethic and drive to devise solutions to fit each individual's specialized needs. Outside of the courtroom, Brian serves as the president of the board of directors of a refugee resettlement agency and in many leadership positions within legal organizations.


Address: 11711 Arbor StreetSuite 220, Omaha, NE, USA

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