Jack Tuckner

Jack Tuckner

Women's Rights in the Workplace attorney. Gender justice advocate. NY Metro SuperLawyer 2012 to the present.

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Practice area: Discrimination, Sexual harassment, Employment and labor, Free Consultation (30 minutes)




I'm an employee rights attorney representing women facing workplace hostility as a result of pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and all other forms of gender inequality.
As a former Bronx public defender during the worst of the crack years, I spent 10 years becoming adept at hand-to-hand courtroom combat (with a notable 80% acquittal rate), and as a civil rights lawyer, I can still wow 'em and win 'em, taking a million dollar jury verdict in a sex discrimination case in federal court (see cases).
Yet I know from long experience that the judicial process bears little resemblance to its silly and fun depictions in film or on TV shows like Boston Legal (though my wife loved the show and the portly James Spader character who reminded her of me). In reality, years of expensive and protracted court battling is often not in a client's best interest.
I prefer to keep my big guns locked, loaded and at the ready, in the event that litigation warfare is inevitable (and to keep pressure on the adversary), but with a view toward negotiating a reasonable and just resolution for my clients, involving either a continuation of their employment until and unless they choose to separate, or a crafted severance strategy, like a negotiated divorce, if this workplace marriage really can't be saved. Imagine how sweet swift justice can be when you stand up for yourself and speak truth to power, before riding off into the sunset for a new start after making a difference in your workplace. That's where I derive my best professional satisfaction, actually connecting with clients and their unique challenges, and empowering them to make a difference in their lives by standing up for themselves, fairness and equality.
If the terms or the conditions of your work feel different or degraded for you because you're a woman, which includes gender pay disparity or any form of sex-based hostility at work--in addition to problems caused by your pregnancy, maternity leave or unwelcome sexual advances of any kind--contact me and let me know what's going on, and do it before they place you on a performance improvement plan, or before they fire you. I'll answer your question or concern personally, so please don't delay.
Most of my clients are in New York but I also represent numerous women throughout the US, including a current sex harassment case in Alaska (goose down suits in court anyone)?!
I love my clients, and when you consult with me as your as counselor-at-law, I'll speak with you no differently than I would if I were speaking with my cousin Rita or my good friend Nancy calling me for advice, as I genuinely derive great enjoyment and satisfaction from making people feel heard, seen, understood and vindicated—that’s what people want and need—that’s what I want and need from any professional I consult--so that’s what I strive to do for all my clients at all times. It’s sort of my holistic thing, the client comes first, and she's way more than the sum of her legal problems. And my clients tend to love me back.
Contact me here with any women's workplace rights questions, or call me at 212.766.9100, and if I'm not immediately available, call or write to Deborah O'Rell, who'll schedule a time for us to chat on the phone or in person. Don't wait until you're behind the 8 ball to act.
And one more thing, if you're considering taking some kind of action against your employer for discriminatory treatment against you, whatever else you do, remember, don't quit!


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