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Jonathan Overman

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Practice area: Criminal defense, Personal injury, Speeding and traffic ticket, DUI and DWI




Known as one of the bowtie lawyers, Jonathan Overman has experience in and is available to assist you in various legal specialties ranging from complex criminal and civil litigation to traffic citations and probate matters. Jonathan’s primary areas of expertise are criminal law, wills and estates, and civil litigation, including a wide range of issues such as personal injury, and contract disputes; among others. In doing so, Jonathan is known as the attorney to go to for Juvenile Criminal Delinquency matters, criminal defense, traffic citations, auto accidents, and drafting wills in the South Atlanta Metro Area. Other attorneys consistently make referrals to our office for these matters as well.
Jonathan has represented individuals, business entities, and business owners in various forms of legal disputes in State, Superior, and Federal Court. He has also argued against large insurance companies and has repeatedly negotiated, litigated, and resolved disputes with law firms from all over the state of Georgia.
Jonathan gained priceless legal training and knowledge while working for the Fayette County District Attorney’s Office as a third-year law student and clerking as well as an associate attorney for the Special Assistant Attorney General of Georgia, L. J. (Jack) Overman. This laid the groundwork for a successful legal career and strong work ethic. Jonathan has always had the ambition to build an honest hardworking legal practice that represented a spectrum of clients, from individuals with a traffic ticket to corporations in need of assistance for complex matters. Fortunately, L.J. Overman, and a former colleague, Rebecca Dehbozorgi, from the Fayette District Attorney’s Office, shared this dream, and after years of handling many different legal matters, decided to pursue their goals together. Jonathan, Jack, and Becky, share a tireless work ethic and extremely competitive nature, traits that truly flourish in the legal setting.
Jonathan grew up in Fayetteville Georgia and attended Woodward Academy. After graduating from Clemson University, Jonathan earned his law degree from Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing lacrosse for the East Cobb Hedgehogs Club Adult Lacrosse Team, where he was elected Captain for the 2017 season. He is also an avid golfer and loves to escape to the beach whenever possible.
AdmissionsAll Courts of Law and Equity in the State of Georgia, (Except Supreme Court of Georgia and Court of Appeals of Georgia)United States District Court Northern District of Georgia
My Education isClemson University 2007JD Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 2011


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