Autumn Moody

Autumn Moody

Professional Mediator | Corporate & Employment Counsel | M&A Corporate Culture Strategist

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Practice area: Employment and labor, Business, Mediation, Litigation




A Firm Focused on People, Local Business and Communities.
The Moody Firm is the company your business can call when: (1) you need a trusted legal advisor; (2) an objective unbiased outside mediator; and (3) an experienced business consultant who can help focus creative entrepreneurial energy into actionable strategies. The Moody Firm works with customer-centric businesses, both internal and external customers. Our mission is to put people first, focusing on local communities, local business owners, and businesses that are headquartered right here in San Diego. The people are what make a community great. The people are what make a business great. Focus on people and businesses will thrive. When more businesses thrive, then communities will thrive.


Address: 4154 Voltaire St., San Diego, CA, USA

Phone: (619) 210-0880

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