Daniel A. Parmele

Daniel A. Parmele

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Over the past 2 decades of working in social security disability law, I believe my primary duty as a disability attorney is not to guarantee I will win every case, but to guarantee that I will always fight to win each case. I believe this can be done in a respectful manner, however, it is my goal that our Firm provides compassionate and zealous advocacy for every single client who gives us the opportunity to represent him or her.
Before starting his private practice as a disability attorney, Mr. Parmele worked with the Social Security Administration as a Senior Staff Attorney. He worked directly with the Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), helping them determine who would receive benefits and who would not. Often, he alone would bear the burden of issuing decisions for claimants. For years, Mr. Parmele witnessed firsthand the difficulties that worthy people faced as they tried to get Social Security disability benefits for themselves and their hurting families.
In 1995, Mr. Parmele started his private practice so that he could put his knowledge of the Social Security system to work to help the disabled of America. Since that time, he has worked as a disability attorney on behalf of Social Security claimants and their claims.
Mr. Parmele has a strong faith in God that has changed his life. He has founded his firm on biblical principles such as genuine trust in Christ, hope, care, compassion, fairness, honesty, justice, and taking up the fight for those in need.


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