David Reed

David Reed

Senior Litigation Counsel at Vandenbosch Law, LLC

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Practice area: Personal injury, Family, DUI and DWI, Bankruptcy and debt




David J. Reed is an Omaha native and a beneficiary of Nebraska's continued growth and success. After graduating from Bellevue West High School he joined the Navy. During his commitment to the nation, he worked in diverse and intense areas of the world. It is this service to our country that he is most proud of and truly appreciates. After service to the United States, David utilized the G.I. Bill and a scholarship to attend the University of Colorado-Denver. Throughout college, he worked full-time and earned a management position with a major high-end retailer as an Operations Manager. During those years he was sent to various locations to implement a cost-saving system which he created to reduce in-store loss and increase profits. Thanks to a team of hard-working individuals, the cost-saving techniques resulted in immediate loss prevention at each location. After earning a degree in Communication and Economics, David spent a year continuing work in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and preparing for law school. David decided on an east coast law school to diversify his life experiences. He chose Syracuse University's College Law because of their nationally acclaimed trial advocacy program. After graduating from Syracuse University's College of Law, David spent the next eight and a half years in New York, gaining a variety of legal experiences. His experiences include work as the Special Assistant to the New York Deputy Attorney General, counsel for the Syracuse Teacher's Union, criminal and civil defense representation, counsel for small businesses, private business entities and nationally-recognized physicians and world-renowned hospitals. With the experience of practicing in a metropolitan area of 18 million, including a plethora of courtroom experience in the busiest courts of this Nation, he understands the skills required of a successful litigator. As a Midwest native, David understands the personal relationships required to guarantee success.


Address: 209 S 19th St Ste 475, Omaha, NE, USA

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