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Practice area: Estate planning, Business, Trusts, Corporate and incorporation




Jason "Jay" Pink is an associate attorney who works with family businesses on succession planning, estate planning and business law matters. He has set-up multiple IC-DISC entities, formed LLC’s, L.P.’s, and Corporations. He does revocable living trusts and full estate plans; as well as handling complex estate and business taxation issues.
He grew up in Massachusetts where his parents ran a plastics manufacturing company. He spent his summers and school vacations working in the factory and front office learning all aspects of a family business. That exposure to entrepreneurial parents and a family business formed many of his passions and guides his efforts at the law firm.
Jay attended Boston College for his undergraduate work where he majored in accounting. During his time there he spent a summer working for a family business in Santa Cruz, where he fell in love with California. He was also privileged to spend his entire junior year abroad in Parma, Italy where he took marketing and business administration courses in Italian.
After graduation he moved to California where he passed the CPA exam and began working in a mid-size family run CPA firm in San Diego. There he was exposed to dozens of clients running family businesses of varying sizes and helped them with financial and tax related issues.
While in San Diego he met his wife, Dana, and together they ended up in Africa. He as an accountant and she as a 3rd grade teacher at an organization called African Bible Colleges in Malawi. They ended up staying for four years where their first child was born. They then decided to go back to Massachusetts where Jay worked full-time for his parents' business and started law school through Concord Law School.
Now, his family of 6 is settled in Modesto, CA and involved with a number of organizations. Dana is home schooling their four children through Great Valley Academy. Jay is involved in City Ministry Network, Covenant Grove Church, Chamber of Commerce Green Team, and a number of other organizations. "I’m always amazed at how many good people there are in this community and how many great non-profit activities are going on." He is always interested in assisting those with forming non-profit organizations.


Address: 1014 16th St, Modesto, CA, USA

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