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Jodie Ganote

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I am an attorney who represents people who have been falsely accused or have made a tragic mistake and find themselves accused of a crime or a traffic violation in either Ohio or Kentucky.
No matter what, it ends up being them against the GOVERNMENT and I bring the legal expertise to help navigate the person through our justice system.
Not always, but frequently criminal charges stem from a traffic stop.  As a result, I have concentrated  in the area of traffic legal defense and I assist clients who are stopped anywhere in Ohio or Kentucky.
My traffic practice concentrates on working with CDL/truck drivers; out-of-state drivers; and immigrant drivers who have the unfortunate luck of getting stopped by an Ohio or Kentucky police officer for any traffic violation.
Unfortunately, approximately 95% of people who are cited make the mistake of just paying the ticket. That could be a costly error.  If your employment centers on driving, you could actually lose your job or you could see your insurance rates go up significantly.
Frankly, when it comes to non-criminal traffic tickets, a non-moving violation (e.g. broken taillight) or a zero point speed is the best option. With an agreed plea, you don't have to worry about driving back for a trial and you get the clean driving record you seek. A trial exposes you to a lot of extra costs (time, gas, taking off work etc....) that most people don't want to be bothered with.
You also need to keep in mind there are some jurisdictions that just won't negotiate traffic tickets. I have experience with working all over Ohio and Kentucky and I know which jurisdictions will negotiate and which ones won't.
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