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Brannen Payne

Trial Attorney at Payne Law Firm, PLLC

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Practice area: DUI and DWI, Criminal defense, Speeding and traffic ticket, Free Consultation (60 minutes)




Well, it's not really about me at all, is it? If you've found me Avvo, you're either researching attorneys or have heard about me and wanted to check me out.
Either way, welcome! I'm proud of the career that I've built protecting people from the government. Whether you're charged with a DWI or Drug Possession, you've come to the right place (don't worry, I can even help you out with that speeding ticket). But the nice thing about Avvo is that you don't have to take it from me. (I figure that's why you're here, rather than on attorneys' own websites right?)
You've already made a smart choice! With all of the legal puffery that attorneys put out there (and all of the paid awards that they can hang on the wall!), it's probably nice to have a more neutral source of information to help find the best fit for your case.
After all, what really sets apart all of these attorneys screaming "We're aggressive?" Does six months experience as an assistant prosecutor decades ago really help to keep someone out of jail, now that they've stopped trying to put people in? If you end up speaking with someone that likes to use those lines, you should definitely ask. Then come back and let me know the answer!
Instead, my firm is built around solving clients' problems as best as I can, and as straight-forward as possible. Crazy, right? For that reason, I keep my practice very narrowly focused--DWI, Traffic, and Criminal Defense Exclusively. If you need help with a divorce, bankruptcy, or other civil issue, I am happy to provide you with a good referral or two. But I do not take "door law" clients. That is, any client that walks in the door!
I'm proud of the work that I do for my clients. I feel very honored that I get to play such an important role in their lives.
Once you've finished your research, give me a call to get the ball rolling on your defense. My goal is for you to have a clear picture of the next steps in our case after our first meeting--most of the time, the vast majority of those "next steps" are mine! That means that you get to finish the conversation with an incredible weight lifted off of your shoulders.
I think you'll enjoy being part of the team.


Address: 2080 E Joyce Blvd #3, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Phone: (479) 871-9602

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