Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw

Attorney and Owner at Intermountain Immigration, LLC

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Practice area: Immigration, Personal injury, Family




My passion is to keep families together in the United States. Families are important to me. Some of my competition out there are single or married with no kids. That's great...for them I guess. I have four young kids at home. I need to be on top of all my cases and deadlines so that I can balance work and life...which means I will not be leaving your case for the last minute. I get it. You have kids, family, and friends in the U.S. You want to be with them.
I've also lived abroad. I lived and worked for years in Latin America. My wife is from Colombia. Aside from having family, my time outside the United States gives me a unique perspective as it relates to my clients' situation. I have first-hand knowledge about what awaits you if you are returned to your country, not to mention Spanish skills. Not first-hand knowledge about the tourist areas, but rather about the everyday life you face.
I am you. I can see the case from your perspective. I can then take that perspective and apply the law and obtain the best result possible. Give me a call and we will discuss what steps we can take in your case.


Address: 7864 S Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT, USA

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