N. Gladstone Brown

N. Gladstone Brown

Family Case Flow Coordinator at State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch

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Practice area: Mediation, Family, Divorce and separation, Free Consultation (30 minutes)




I'm often asked why do I practice Divorce Mediation.  Simple.  It's because I genuinely believe that for many couples there is a better way to go through the divorce process than traditional adversarial litigation.  Having worked in the Superior Court I saw first had couples unnecesarily expend time, financial resources, and peace of mind while they went through divorce litigation.
I wanted to offer a better option.  My goal is to create an environment where couples can discuss their issues and come up with the best solutions for thier lives, because these solutions will become the foundation of your life post divorce.  The way I see it is no matter what path you take to get divorced (litigation, collaborative, or mediation) everyone ends up in the same place, why not take the steps and work with someone who can help you get through that process in the best possible way for you and your spouse, saving you time, your financial resources, most and importantly peace of mind.
Every couple and situation is different and we offer options in addition to mediation for the couple or spouse who does not want to litigate their divorce, but may not be a perfect fit for mediation.  We also provide Divorce Coaching for the DIY couple or spouse that wants to handle the divorce on their own, but needs a little assistance.  I am also available as Review Counsel to review seperation agreements and memorandums of understanding prepared by parties mediating their divorce outside of our firm.
Give us a call or visit my website at WWW.GLADSTONELEGAL.NET and we can discuss your individual situation, the options available to you, to determine your next best steps.


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