Rhonda Cleaves

Rhonda Cleaves

Attorney at Cleaves Family Law

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Despite being a divorce lawyer, I do not like it when people get divorced. What I do like is that I offer couples a better way to divorce when it is their only option. After a successful career in civil litigation, I learned quickly that most families do not belong in a courtroom. As a result, I have worked hard over the years to become a skilled Collaborative Divorce attorney. Collaborative Divorce is a specialized legal process that keeps divorcing couples and their children out of the courtroom. It requires attorneys with special settlement training. Through training and now years of experience handling Collaborative Divorce cases, I am proud to have been recognized as a Credentialed Collaborative Attorney by Collaborative Divorce Texas. My goal is to always use those skills to help my clients divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible and without the public setting of a courtroom.


Address: 5504 Democracy Dr Ste 240, Plano, TX, USA

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