Julie Oliver-Zhang, Esq.

Julie Oliver-Zhang, Esq.

Managing Partner, Oliver-Zhang Law

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Practice area: Personal injury, Family, Immigration




Ms. Oliver-Zhang is the Managing Partner and founder of Oliver-Zhang Law. Oliver-Zhang Law was built upon the drive to remedy injustice and help those in need. This is the mission of our legal team.  From personal injury to immigration, listening to what is important to our clients is critical for achieving success and giving trusted advice.  We actively share our legal knowledge with our clients to empower them about their own case as we fight for their best interest.  Ms. Oliver-Zhang’s compassionate approach to injured victims and their families puts the practice of law in the human context.
Learn more by visiting www.oliverzhanglaw.com/our-team/julie-oliver-zhang


Address: 810 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC, USA

Fax: (202) 643-1596

Phone: (202) 643-1110

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