Kevin Fairlie, JD,MHA

Kevin Fairlie, JD,MHA

Healthcare Attorney - EMS, Compliance, M&A, General Counsel

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Practice area: Health care, Federal regulation, Mergers and acquisitions, Business, Free Consultation (60 minutes)




Kevin Fairlie is the founding Member of the firm where he practices in the areas of healthcare regulatory compliance, general healthcare counsel, corporate and transactional law, with a special emphasis on the representation of EMS providers and agencies.Mr. Fairlie has represented healthcare clients and organizations across the country.  He has served as counsel for numerous organizations undergoing both state and federal investigations involving state Medicaid investigation units, state attorney’s general office investigations, and United States Department of Justice investigations involving Medicare fraud and abuse, False Claims Act, Whistleblower, Anti-kickback laws and Antitrust issues and allegations.  Because Mr. Fairlie has served both as CEO and General Counsel to major corporations, he brings a unique perspective to his clients and understands the many decisions executives must balance in deciding the pros and cons of pursuing various legal and compliance strategies.Career BackgroundDuring the course of his career, Mr. Fairlie has gained experience representing and advising clients in nearly every realm of the healthcare marketplace with a national focus in the EMS industry.  Following graduate and law school, Mr. Fairlie began his career with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in Washington, D.C. where he worked on national healthcare policy issues.  Mr. Fairlie then returned to St. Louis to join a law firm where his practice focused on the representation of health plans in regulatory and transactional matters.In 2004, Mr. Fairlie joined the largest private ambulance provider in the State of Missouri as the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel where he successfully lead the organization out from under a Corporate Integrity Agreement entered into with the federal government to settle Medicare fraud and abuse allegations.  Mr. Fairlie has since assisted numerous healthcare organizations in handling state and federal investigations while serving as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel.  From 2004 to 2014 he also lead the healthcare Merger and Acquisition activity for a private equity firm in St. Louis which required him to serve as President of several healthcare corporations for the firm from 2010 to 2014.  Mr. Fairlie currently serves as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer to several health centers in the St. Louis area.Career HighlightsIn 2001, while working with NCQA, lead an advisory team of health policy experts in the analysis of proper performance measures for health plans serving Medicaid populations.  This team of experts included state Medicaid Directors from across the U.S. as well as healthcare policy experts from universities such as Harvard and Stanford.From 2002 – 2004, implemented new HIPAA Privacy, Security and Transactional regulations for more than 20 health plans in the Midwest.In 2005, as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for the largest private ambulance provider in Missouri, successfully ended a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to conclude the settlement of allegations of fraudulent ambulance billing under Medicare.In 2006, in the role of General Counsel, navigated a large ambulance company through a state and federal Antitrust investigation with no charges brought against the company or any company executives.In 2007, as legal counsel and Compliance Officer, guided a large ambulance provider through a federal OIG subpoena and investigation into fraudulent ambulance billing practices with no charges brought against the company or any executives.In 2007, served as General Counsel in a $40M plus sale of an ambulance provider to the nation’s largest EMS provider that at the time was a $2 Billion publicly traded entity on the New York stock exchange.In 2010, lead the acquisition of multiple EMS corporations in a multi-million dollar purchase agreement.In 2012, as President and General Counsel of multiple ambulance providers, successfully lead an appeal of the suspension of the companies’ EMS licenses by the state board of EMS to the state Attorney’s General Office that reinstated the licenses in good standing and held against the state Board of EMS.In 2015, assisted the United States Department of Justice in the investigation into fraudulent practices by an ambulance provider in Kentucky that resulted in a nearly $1 Million settlement with the federal government.


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