Randy Michels

Randy Michels

Co-Founder & Trademark Lawyer at Trust Tree®

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Practice area: Trademark application, Trademark infringement, Internet, Free Consultation (20 minutes)




I'm on a mission to make sure every business has an effective trademark strategy. I provide a free trademark search report to help you get started.
With more than 400,000 trademark applications filed every year in the United States, your chances of accidentally using a name that is already taken have never been higher. Before you launch your new product or venture, you need to make sure your name isn't going to lead to legal trouble. You can avoid potential legal problems by consulting with a trademark lawyer.
I specialize in helping clients with the selection, clearance, registration, maintenance and protection of trademarks. In addition, I represent clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. I also have extensive experience litigating intellectual property disputes in a variety of federal courts, including all of the district courts in Tennessee, the Eastern District of Texas, and the Western District of Wisconsin.


Address: 1321 Adams Street, Nashville, TN, USA

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