Robert Bruechert JD MBA LLM

Robert Bruechert JD MBA LLM

Owner, Robert G Bruechert, Attorney At Law, P.C.

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Practice area: Business, Contracts and agreements, Government contracts, Corporate and incorporation, Free Consultation (30 minutes)




Mr. Bruechert is the founder of the firm’s legal and business consulting practice.  He serves as principal and managing director in the firm’s Long Island headquarters. Mr. Bruechert is focused on the representation of business clients, for all aspects of business formation, operations, management, purchase and sale, as well as solo contingency, continuity and succession planning.
The Law Offices of Robert G. Bruechert has represented a diverse client list, including without limitation, doctors and other healthcare professionals, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, mortgage and insurance brokers, research scientists, and skilled craftsmen.  Mr. Bruechert has completed countless major contracting transactions with foreign and domestic governments and commercial clients worldwide. Mr. Bruechert has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and governmental contracting, international business transactions, export licensing, foreign corrupt practices compliance, organizational conflicts of interest evaluation and mitigation, and small business program compliance.
The Bruechert Law Firm offers solo contingency, continuity, and succession planning utilizing My Solo Plan™.  My Solo Plan™ is a comprehensive plan for a solo practitioner that addresses many of the important aspects and goals of a contingency plan, a continuity plan and a succession plan.  My Solo Plan™ helps the solo practitioner preserve the business asset value during a temporary inability to practice and helps transfer the business asset’s value for the solo’s benefit in the event of a permanent inability to practice or to the solo’s estate in the event of the solo’s death or disappearance.  My Solo Plan™ addresses the ethical, client, employee, firm management, and family considerations associated with such planning.


Address: 140 A Broadway, Amityville, NY, USA

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