Todd H.

Todd H.

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Practice area: International law, Tax, Business, Free Consultation (30 minutes)




The global economy has moved cross-border legal issues to the forefront of business strategy. One way or another, all businesses feel the effects:- transnational giants know the cost of compliance abroad; - emerging transnational companies face the constant risk of noncompliance;- domestic companies are losing out on opportunities abroad.To remain competitive, companies must use a global strategy to maximize profits, using cross-border employment, foreign consumer markets, and foreign tax advantages.
I give businesses immediate access to cross-border strategy. I help clients of all sizes formulate, refine, and implement global strategies for the global stage. I constructively advise in-house managers, while assertively managing outside counsel in jurisdictions abroad. With rapid results, businesses get the knowledge and resources they need to compete on the global stage.


Address: 117 E Louisa Street, Seattle, WA, USA

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