Heidi A. Davis

Heidi A. Davis

Legal Activist & Community Leader & AZ Juvenile Lawyer

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Practice area: Juvenile law, Child abuse, Guardianship




In my 6 1/2 years at the Arizona Office of the Attorney General as an Assistant Attorney General (AAG) I was actively engaged in the dependency process and representing the hard working and compassionate case managers of Child Protective Services. As an AAG I was always acutely aware of the challenges that families in crisis faced as well as the case managers regarding the ability and difficulties of navigating a complex area of law and balancing a high caseload while managing their social work responsibilities. Although the subject matter of the 600+ cases that I handled over my career was difficult due to the nature of the cases, I was always cognizant that the overall goal was to keep the children of Arizona safe and make all reasonable efforts to make the families stronger to be able to reunite parents with their children. I believe that my preparation and knowledge of the facts of each case lead me to be an effective litigator in hearings and in trial.
I am a highly organized, detail-oriented and self-directed attorney who is always active in seeking professional growth. As opportunities arise for me to gain a greater understanding of my legal field and to have more in-depth knowledge of the legal trial procedures and process, I am consistently attending various trainings and educational opportunities. I believe that my communication, interpersonal and presentation style has lead me to be an effective and compassionate advocate and has consistently resulted in very favorable outcomes for my clients. I am highly capable and very skilled in areas such as developing professional relationships with my clients and opposing counsel, motion practice, courtroom skills, bench trials, negotiation, mediation, and litigation.
I believe that it is an obligation to my clients and society to always maintain decorum, ethics, and respect for all parties and the legal process and rule of law that we must follow on a daily basis, no matter what the situation the facts present to the situation that is being litigated.
I am a compassionate attorney who has also personally had experiences with a divorce and domestic relations matters. On my free time I enjoy cooking, gardening, Zumba, and hiking. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope that you give me a call for a consultation so that we can sit down and learn about each other in a professional setting.


Address: 4856 E. Baseline Road.Suite 104, Mesa, AZ, USA

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