Rachel Eeles

Rachel Eeles

Attorney at RBE Law

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Practice area: Criminal defense, Federal crime, Speeding and traffic ticket, Violent crime, DUI and DWI




Rachel Eeles specializes in criminal defence. Rachel represents clients at every stage of the criminal process from interrogation, arraignment, preliminary hearing, trial, sentencing and appeal.
Being arrested and charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. Effective representation at an early stage can make a huge difference to the outcome of a criminal case whether it is getting charges dismissed, damage limiting a sentence by a plea deal or proactive preparation for trial. There are often profound immigration consequences stemming from a criminal charges and ensure we provide comprehensive advise.
Rachel is straight talking and approachable. Rachel will ensure that you are kept up to date every step of the way and fully understand the process. Rachel is proud to provide cost effective and robust advice.


Address: 142 E Carrillo St, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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