Eric Stinson

Eric Stinson

Estate Planning and Immigration

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Practice area: Estate planning, Guardianship, Wills and living wills, Trusts, Free Consultation (30 minutes)




Approaching 17 years of age I had a moment in my life in which what I wanted out of life became clear. It was not being a lawyer, instead what I concluded would give me a fulfilling life would be to start a family and be a father. Considering the gravity of my goal I then had to come up with something I could do to earn a living that could support a family and provide for them a life as good as I was blessed by my own parents. Thus I buckled down and took the time to think of the skills I possessed as well as what I enjoyed. That was when I landed on the profession of attornies and after deciding to take the route towards an attorney I never looked back and plowed forward with stubborn will power that took me from a demotivated high school student to a graduate of the Univerisity of Texas School of Law.
I'm stubborn and I love to argue and get into the details of matters to learn the rules of what I'm dealing with. Tempering this, much to the joy of my girlfriend, is a heart that was taught to be charitable and always seek to help others when I can. On top of all this are words paraphrased from my father, "don't worry about money, worry about being good at what you do. Once you are good at what you do the money will come naturally."


Address: 10615 Perrin Beitel Rd.Suite 303, San Antonio, TX, USA

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